Monday, January 12, 2009

Sparkley Pantalonays

The other day, the boys and I spent a rainy lunchtime shopping in Target and eating peanut butter sandwiches and snack cups. The boys got a little rambunctious and wouldn't mind me. Finally, they took off and ran about 20 feet away - playing in the clothing racks - where I couldn't see them. I stormed after them and grabbed two little elbows, marched them back to the cart, and said in my most serious low voice, "Mommy is mad, MAD, MAD. You need to stay by the cart and be very quiet and very good!" Sean stuck around and kept looking up and asking, "Are you HAPPY, Mommy?" I strung him a long a little, and then heard Luke coming towards us.

He was displaying his most winning, convincing smile and carefully holding a hanger way up over his head so as not to step on the fanciest, most beautiful peace offering he could find for me. "Here, Mommy! Maybe you like these sparkley pantalonays!"

Shiny, metallic, gold stretch pants, size XL. These are pants Donna Summer would have turned down for her 1978 World Tour as "way too over the top."

I'm going to save them in my closet to pull out and remember the good times the first time the boys swear at me, or slam the door on me, or tell me they want to go to art school, or some other awful day to come in the future.

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