Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Sunday with Lilliam, Gew and Cwis

le Tart
A possibly very scary -- but maybe just funny -- animated, talking headless bride. Three of us kept a wary eye on her.

The gang with Mr Pig's man.

New Toy Catalogues

Relaxing on the couch in their underwear and jammies, poring over the new toy catalogues...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

Jumping on the beds in our cool hotel room!
We had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe, because I figured the boys would love the moving animals and jungle theme. Well...after the first fake thunder and lightning storm and the elephants lifting their trunks, Luke asked to me to put his hood up and he kept it that way all through dinner. I think he felt safer and possibly, "drier." Every time the jaguar over the kitchen door swished his tail, turned his head and looked at Luke, he would climb into my lap and watch until it looked away again. Poor kid barely noticed his $10.00 hot dog.
Sean was interested, but wary.
Yikes -- that weirdo from the plane again.
Daddy and the boys on the Strip.
Back in the room for some late night reading...and pastries in bed the next morning! Deluxe!

Luke's farewell arrangement at the Vegas airport.

Utah Part 4:

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, and Becky and Rick!!


We're not in Portland anymore!

Utah Part 3:

We went to the world's coolest playground and had fun with TJ and Clint.
And we found an awesome lizard!

Utah Part 2:

Sean, Luke and all their 2nd cousins. Wow.
Or, in Sean's words, "Mommy. Too everybody."
Sean and Luke were lucky to spend time with so many great kids. They were fascinated and they had tons of fun.

Utah Part 1:

One day Aunt Becky took us to her friend, Maggie's house who raises miniature horses. It was so exciting! We petted the tiny little guys - except for the cranky one.

Then, after much jittery anticipation and chatter, Luke got to RIDE on the little pony! Oh joy! We set him on the saddle, showed him how to hold the pommel, and he said, "Too scary Mommy! I want to get off!"

Of course.

We talked him into staying on long enough for a tension-filled 20 yard walk up and back, with Mommy gripping tightly to his arm.

Once he witnessed that terrifying little scenario, Sean was content to pat the little guy on the neck and call it good...

We landed in Las Vegas

Did our plane crash? Are we in Heaven?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too bad you can't pick your seatmates...


PDX and treats on the plane...

Meet my sons...

a.k.a. Run DMC.

New backpacks!

We chose them from the catalogue for our trip to Utah. Brown bear for Luke and blue raccoon for Sean and pink bunnies for Mommy and Daddy. (Those didn't come for some reason.)

Sean investigated his raccoon and carried it around with him on all of his activities of the evening.

Luke put his on his back, didn't take it off all night...and put it on first thing the next morning.

The Last Warm Sunday

Four guys, shootin' the breeze. (one wearing a baby hat...)
Luke consumes $15 worth of stinky, runny French cheese in ten minutes.
Chris correctly identifies his headgear as a "chapeau."
Awesome boy with an awesome lock collection.


Grandma spins a yarn.

Joe Cool and Mommy Cool

We LOOOVE Grandma!