Wednesday, December 10, 2008

After the Train...

We wandered around Oaks Park - closed for the season.

The Christmas Train!

First candy canes ever!

First time meeting Santa!

Thanksgiving '08 at Our House

Thankful for eachother.

Please pass the brussels...ummm...never mind...

Handsome host.

Clint brought a celebrity - Sean. He's a famous actor.

The Freney/McCrackens and Gill's necklace.

The kids' table!

The grown-ups' table.

Luke Drawings

Portrait of Daddy with glasses.

A cat.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a 2-year old dreams...

A couple mornings ago, Luke was sleeping in our bed. I was reading and Sean and Daddy were downstairs eating waffles. Luke stirred and sat up -- all pink, puffy-eyed and messy-haired. I said, "Good morning." and he said, "I have a ladybug on my eye and it flew in my ear!" (Poking at his eye.) So I said, "Wow! No wonder you woke up!" And Luke replied, "Yeah, and Max and Ruby are here!" "Max and Ruby are here? In our HOUSE?!" I said. "No, on the sidewalk! And we finding bugs!" He held out his little palm and showed it to me, "I had loooots and loooots of bugs!"

I told him that's what a dream is and he had a really nice one. He flumped back down on the pillow and whispered, all dreamy-eyed, "Yeah, Mommy."

Now, if I could find out what dogs dream, I'd know the secret to Life.