Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Party!

The Guests:

In order top to botttom:

Lewis (with Akila hot on his trail, as usual...!)
Akila rides the Rocking Chicken
Luke and Lillian pretend they're not fascinated with eachother.
William blows the whistle.

Sean spent the first hour of his birthday party in the corner with Brown Bear and his trains and that expression on his face. (the "too everybody" kid.)

But then he snapped on his party hat and came to life!

The "Adults" (again: My blog, I can post what I want.)

Akila's mom, Paige.

Lewis' mom, Karen.

William's dad, Chris.

(I'm sorry, William.)

Lillian's Tim. (Father Christmas.)
Lovely Leslie flew in from Albuquerque!

Sean had orange cake with sprinkles and Luke had dark blue cake with sprinkles.
Happy 3rd birthday, guys!

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Zack & Alisha said...

What a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday Sean & Luke!