Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lick it and suck it!

I like the view from our dining room window in the Fall

We love Adriana!

Adriana and Luke May 2006

Adriana and Sean, May 2006

Adriana and Luke and Sean, November 2008
(The boys look older, Adriana looks younger.)

The following photos were taken by the best thing that ever happened to the Belt Family as a whole: Adriana. (or "Diwanna" as the boys say) She has been a member of the family since Luke and Sean were 3 months old and they are better boys because of it.

We love you, Adriana!

Making awesomely tall towers..

and super cool paths.
Lining up the dinosaurs to put in place on...

the dinosaur puzzle.

Sean loooooves his trains!

He can usually be found clutching as many as he can carry to his tummy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pamela Perry the Great

Ode to the World's Greatest Friend, Fastest Seamstress, Best Merchandiser, Most Hilarious Conversationalist, Rudest Restaurant Hostess, Cutest Dresser, 2nd Best Remodler, and now Best Blogger Ever:
Thank you! We love you!
And a shout out to your faithful sidekick: Sparky!
Just kidding, Niko!
(for more Pamela fun, visit: )

Elvis Sightings (I can't do justice to Pamela's narrative of the Trick-or-Treating. You have to visit her blog.)

Luke's bell bottoms are blue, Sean's are purple.

The beautiful sequined backs.
See Pamela's blog for hilarious comparison to Siegfried and Roy.

Special treats from Vicky

Posing with Akila and Lewis on our front porch. (Not a great picture of Lewis and Akila, but, whatever. It's our blog.)