Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been a little worried about Sean because he doesn't really like to socialize with kids his own age. He'll say "hi" if I tell him to, but he's sort of shy and tense when they approach on the playground. Not a big deal, but it's been on my mind.
On Monday, we went to the post office to mail a box and there was a boy there who was Sean and Luke's age. He came over to us and the three of them sized eachother up and Luke said, "Mommy, he have Sean's shoes!" Sure enough -- blue crocs. They continued to stare at eachother and their shoes. Then Luke launched into an elaborate display of "drop the hippo to show off to the new kid" and I told Sean to say hello.
He very calmly said, "I'm Sean. This is Luke. And this is Mommy." Then he touched his head and lifted off a pretend hat and said, "Pleased to meet you!" with a very inviting smile. The kid was too fascinated with Luke's display to notice, but I noticed and I think I'll find something else to worry about.

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