Friday, September 12, 2008

Luke's Family Portraits

I was watching him draw, so he did this one from life. The first appearance of ears. (next to the eyes) Hair - starts at the top and goes around, because I have long hair. (duh) Teeth - because I was smiling such a huge smile watching him draw my portrait. Also the first appearance of nostrils - which is what he saw when he looked up at me.
As for the extra ear on my cheek -- I asked him what that was for and he said, "I don't know." So there you go.


Daddy gets the first appearance of ears on the side of the head. (It took 2 drawings for him to figure that out.) Daddy has a coat and a hat and a balloon.


Sean's giant smile looks just like him. Sean gets hands, feet and a "bus" to play with.


The second portrait he drew, and the ears are next to the eyes, like Mommy's. Luke's hair goes all the way around his head, because he totally needs a haircut. "Daddy? Hello?"


I don't know what to say, Clint. You get a hat, hair, nostrils, and fingers that start on the right hand and just keep going, which is Luke's signature move. Still, I get the feeling he knows something the rest of us only suspect...

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