Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Open letter to the lady with the pink hair and the guy with the giant nose ring.

Dear Giant Nose Ring Guy and Pink Hair Lady,
I apologize for my son, Sean. Sort of.
See, since he's not a 19th century toreador, his experience with giant (1/4" thick and black) nose rings is limited. So, when you joined us in that elevator...well, lets face it, there wasn't much else to look at for a 3-year old.
And when he said, "Mommy. What's that in his nose?" he meant it in a "Cool accessory, dude!" kind of way, I'm almost positive.
And when I, as his mother, (who was almost cool, at best, in her day) said, "Whose nose?" I was totally kidding and trying to get you to smile. So, by not smiling, I can only assume that you were a. deaf, b. stoned, or c. insulted. If it's c, then you are even more hilarious than Sean.
Pink Hair Lady at the library who flashed us a huge smile when Sean said, "Mommy! That lady has FUNNY PINK HAIR!" Thank you. You rule.
Proud Mother of Sean

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