Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a 2-year old dreams...

A couple mornings ago, Luke was sleeping in our bed. I was reading and Sean and Daddy were downstairs eating waffles. Luke stirred and sat up -- all pink, puffy-eyed and messy-haired. I said, "Good morning." and he said, "I have a ladybug on my eye and it flew in my ear!" (Poking at his eye.) So I said, "Wow! No wonder you woke up!" And Luke replied, "Yeah, and Max and Ruby are here!" "Max and Ruby are here? In our HOUSE?!" I said. "No, on the sidewalk! And we finding bugs!" He held out his little palm and showed it to me, "I had loooots and loooots of bugs!"

I told him that's what a dream is and he had a really nice one. He flumped back down on the pillow and whispered, all dreamy-eyed, "Yeah, Mommy."

Now, if I could find out what dogs dream, I'd know the secret to Life.

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mspamelaperry said...

I think dogs dream about really slow squirrels.